About Holland IT

In 2005, Jason Holland developed his gift for understanding technology into Holland IT Consulting. By employing both a rich knowledge of how technology works and an astute imagination regarding its practical use, Jason has transformed offices of several individuals and small businesses into optimal work environments. He is both MSCE and A+ Hardware certified.

Jason’s expertise grew out of both professional experience and personal interest. Growing up riding dirt bikes and fixing electric guitars, Jason has shared some of his fondest memories with machines. His technological insight appears effortless because he speaks the languages of the machines and does not let them intimidate him. In 1993, his aptitude for computers developed as part of the team at Mindspring (now Earthlink). He has lent his services to such Atlanta institutions as Delta Airlines, DeKalb Medical Center, and the Portfolio Center. He spent much of the early twenty-first century building and racing cars.

As word of Jason’s IT skills spread, he spent less time making people’s cars faster and more time working with people to make their computers more efficient, their data more secure, and their technology more navigable. While Atlanta’s racing community lost a skilled driver, Atlanta’s small business community gained a trustworthy ally in Holland IT Consulting. When he isn’t deep in the trenches of technology, Jason enjoys cycling, playing any of a number of musical instruments, and spending time with his wife, two dogs, and a devilishly handsome gentleman claiming to be his son.

Our Team

Rex Halsell

Technical Support Engineer & Cable Management Maestro

Rex has an extensive background in IT, including technical support, networking technologies, infrastructure, and customer service.

Jason L. Holland

CEO & Director of Demystification

With 25 years in the industry, Jason brings his vast IT knowledge along with his ability to easily translate complex solutions into straightforward strategies.

Gavin Lindeman

Senior Technical Support Engineer & Password Reset Guru

Gavin is a 10 year consumer and small business electronics veteran. His background in retail management has given him the acumen to help find cost savings in all aspects of business.